Judit Child

My Story

Since an early age, I have been drawn to health-related practices, such as yoga, and studying diet and nutrition. I was a massage therapist for 30+ years, specializing in neuromuscular therapy and myoskeketal alignment techniques. As a naturally active person, it’s sometimes a challenge for me to sit still!
However, I now find myself in the role of managing my son’s thriving practice and sitting at the computer for long hours. Fortunately, between chiropractic adjustments and keeping myself fit, I find I do not suffer from the many complaints I hear from our patients who have a sedentary lifestyle.
I also had a fair amount of experience in administrative work before working at Kaizen Chiropractic Solutions, although actually managing a chiropractic office was new to me. I’ve enjoyed learning ‘the ropes’ and inventing systems to make the day-to-day business run as smoothly as possible.
I thought I would miss giving massages, but I have felt very fulfilled helping this practice grow. While I don’t give any hands-on work anymore, I still interact with the patients here as a C.A. (Chiropractic Assistant) when required, and hope I bring a sense of warmth and caring to their chiropractic treatments in our office.
It continues to be an absolute pleasure and privilege to work with my son and be so closely involved in his vision of bringing quality chiropractic care to the Orlando community. We have a fantastic team in our office, and we look forward to being of service to our patients.